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What is I-HELP?

We’re the Interfaith Homeless Emergency Lodging Program—operated by Outreach Unlimited, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization in the Monterey Bay, California area.


We've been in continuous operation for the past 32 years.

Our three main purposes are to:


  • offer homeless men and women short-term lodging and evening meals on a nightly basis during their stay in the program


  • provide tailored advice and support in finding a job or going forward in other areas of their life


  • help each participant develop and maintain a positive outlook and living pattern that fosters personal autonomy and growth

I-HELP is run by a volunteer board of directors and small part-time staff, with the indispensable collaboration of over 60 Monterey-area churches and other faith communities and service organizations that provide overnight accommodation, warm meals, and person-to-person support. Our participants sleep on mats in a shared space. We provided the equivalent of 7469 beds nights (2023). 


Our administrative costs are only 1% of our total budget with the all the money received going to directly to the program. 

1. Transportation cost to host locations, showers, and laundry: 

  • driver reimbursement

  • gasoline

  • maintenance of aging vans

2.  Part-time staff who:

  • stay with participants 24x7

  • help participants plan and move forward with finding a job, housing, or other goals 

I-HELP Brochure by Expenses (2023)

Proclamation of 31 years of Service by Mary Adam's Office


I-HELP Board 2024


Karen Araujo, Lee Hulquist Rosemarie Axton, Ruth Ann Flowers, Marissa Kobylenski, Tom Chapman, Jan Mason, and Anthony Finnegan (not pictured)

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